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Manufacturing and exporting matchless line of Packaging Products such as Self Adhesive Packaging Tape, Bopp Packaging Tape...

Gone are those days when in the name of quality products 'Inferior' products were easily sold off because of high quality ignorance on the part of customers. However at present times, producers couldn't easily serve inferior products in disguise of fake quality covering because modern day customers have become smart. They have deep understanding of right quality and fooling them into buying something inferior is just an option, non-existent. For smart modern patrons, our company, Maruti Power Pack, has simply best to offer. Packaging Products, especially Self Adhesive Tapes & Tapes Rolls, are served in right quality at right price We do not believe in cheap business tactics or in serving inferior products of clients. Hence, as a manufacturer, we use singularly quality-assured base materials to design and develop Printing Jumbo Tapes, Printing Tapes, Self Adhesive Tapes, Self Adhesive Packaging Tape, Bopp Packaging Tape, 3 Color Printing Tape Rolls etc. As an exporter, our company abides to each and every international trading norm.


One of the crucial reasons behind the smooth working of our business enterprise is no other but 'Infrastructure'. Well-constructed and spacious infrastructural space aids us in carrying out diverse business activities pertaining to production, quality checking, administration, packaging, finance etc. The production facility of the company is outfitted with latest processing machines using which offered line is being made to perfection. Use of modern production techniques has provided superior quality standards, long-serving and supreme finishing to the BOPP Self Adhesive Packaging Tape, Printing Tapes etc.

Why Are We Worth Trusting?
  • Our company is worth trusting because of the moral business ethics which it follows with full conviction. Nothing from our end is kept hidden from clients pertaining to changes in product manufacturing as we believe in having transparent relationships.
  • We live by all the promises made to clients. Swift delivery, flexibility in payment options, adoption of customer-focused policies and adherence of strict quality control system are some of the promises which with perfection, our company fulfills.
  • There is nothing our business entity wouldn't do to elevate customers' level of happiness. We keep our clients informed about new product launches and adoption of modern techniques in production process.
  • We are a name to trust because we serve right quality of BOPP Tapes, Self Adhesive Packaging Tape, Bopp Packaging Tape, Printing Jumbo Tapes etc., at right prices. We do not charge extra for the products; just in order to earn some new profits.
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